Sound Manager 3.1 Incompatibilities

Sound Manager 3.1 is incompatible with clock chipped Apple 8100/100's and 8100/110's, Radius 81/110's, Power Computing Corporation Power 100's, and the PowerComputing Power 120's as it is shipped when running System 7.5 with PowerPC Enabler 1.1 or 1.1.1, or System 7.5 Update 1.0.2 (patched). The incompatibility is such that the computer crashes when it uses any sound stuff. i.e. click on a sound or two in the Sound Control Panel, and it will freeze up on you.
System 7.5 Update 2.0 is compatible with Sound Manager 3.1 on these clock chipped machines, as is System 7.5.3 Revision 2.

QuickTime 2.5 Disk 1 and QuickTime 2.5 Disk 2 comes with a new Sound Manager, version 3.2.1, and this version is fine with System 7.5.3 Revision 2 on clock chipped machines.

For the rest of you who are running Sound Manager 3.1 with System 7.1 or a patched copy of System 7.5 Update 1.0.2, there is a simple way around the problem.
  1. Grab a copy of Martin Blitz's ( Wish I were...
  2. Unbinhex it
  3. Uncompress the self extracting archive
  4. Put the Extension in the Extensions Folder
  5. Put the Control Panel in the Control Panels Folder
  6. Double click on the Wish I were... Control Panel, and select PowerMac 8100/110
  7. Close the Control Panel
  8. Restart your Mac

That's it; Sound Manager 3.1 should be fine now.